Allan “Allan Borgen” B.

Finding a restaurant that serves tasty fresh food at extremely reasonable prices can be a difficult task, but not if you dine at The Original Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant in Redlands. This small unpretentious restaurant features very good Italian subs, pasta and salads at prices you will find very friendly to your budget. You can either dine in or take advantage of the drive-thru window and order your food in the comfort of your car. All items are made to order so you can count on the food being piping hot and fresh when it arrives. Another important thing to know is that once you order and pay for the food at the front counter, the food comes to you in round aluminum pans, with plastic utensils. At first I wanted real plates and real metal forks. However, considering the low prices and the good quality of the food, I would rather have it served this way and save some money… Although not fancy, I enjoy dining at the Original Mona Lisa very much and feel that you and your family will enjoy it, too.